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Maui Fire

Image: 7NEWS Australia

9 Aug 2023 #lahaina

The videos posted on social media show just how destructive the fires are. One person commented ‘Basically the entire island is on fire. Apartments and stores have burned down.’ The fire were fanned by the winds of a hurricane, and killed at least six people.


Ways To Help

Maui Mutual Aid Guide: This community-created resource is open to be shared with all and is the creation of the Maui Fire Flood and Disaster Relief group

Verified institutions for major disaster relief provision or receipt are listed at the top row 4-23, followed by community efforts row 25 and below. Contact the facebook group to get edit rights or make changes There are many many grassroots and family efforts, keep it up! Imua.

Emergency Fundraiser for Maui Fires

Get help or offer support for Those impacted by the maui wildfires


Maui fires live updates: Death toll hits 80 as officials say rebuild efforts could top $5.5 billion Officials say the number of dead will likely increase as crews search the wreckage that wiped out the tourist town of Lahaina. NBC News is on location covering the devastation.




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