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Redistribute Wealth

"It's gonna be may!" If you get that meme then read on.

Another new month is upon us and rent is due. This means allies and white folk can redistribute their wealth if they have it. This is commonly done for content creators who are Indigenous, Black, Asian, People of Color. You can find your favorite's donation link in their bios or ask them how they can help amplify.



Big or small, it all matters.

If you are a person with intergenerational wealth, find ways to meaningfully redistribute it back into those who have been disenfranchised for generations.

Stop giving to non-profits where resources are withheld from those who need them, and challenge yourself to give directly to the people instead. Pay a person's rent, bills, debt, groceries. If you have no connections to Black and Indigenous individuals or communities (I mean, also figure out why that is..), then give your resources to Black and Indigenous-led grassroots organizations who can assist in redirecting those funds. No excuses.

The support from folks I personally receive is what has allowed me to continue the work I do, while also being able to survive. Everything I receive is put into what is needed for myself, my family and the communities I am a part of.

Money is power and, as privileged people, part of the work weighs heavily on how you choose to give up power in order to close gaps of inequity.

Redistribute your wealth.


The twitter hashtag is directed at white allies/allies who want to donate to Indigenous individuals in need.

It is a grassroots movement that has been around for a while.


Here are some Instagram creators to consider:












and me.


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