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Decolonize Myself - A First Nations Perspective

I began this "decolonize" journey based on advice from my addictions counselor, written piece 'The Unravelling of a Colonized Mind' by Jana-Rae Yerxa, & Idle No More.

I started by making a Facebook page in 2013. I thought maybe seventy people (friends & family) will follow. I wanted a way to learn about myself, my culture, social issues, and get a shit load of trauma off my chest. 

Throughout the years the page gained a lot of likes. I had health issues & mental health issues I was battling. Also it was the early beginnings of my recovery. I poured my heart out on that page.

Eventually I would branch out. I started the Instagram page on September 30th 2018. My goal was to gain 1000 followers. 

Around the same time I left as admin. of lot of social media pages. I was part of a few Idle No More pages back in December 2012. It had become overwhelming. So what did I do? I started the instagram, twitter, merch shop, & this blog site. 

I will be the first to say I am not easy to get along with or very sensitive to issues as I should be. I am me. All the trauma in my life, all the grief, the rage, and happiness pushed me along my journey. I use all of it to try to heal and grow. Little did I know that it can help others too. 

I am working on me. I will always be working on me. 

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