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Relentless Indigenous Woman

Welcome to Relentless Indigenous Women, Co. (RIW Co.), where we honour ancestral wisdom and the Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being. Kindness, Sharing, Honesty, and Strength are at the heart of everything we do.


Why Sealioning Is Bad

20 NOVEMBER 2014

'Chances are you've seen this comic by David Malki if you frequent Twitter at all these days. It even coined a new verb - "sealioning" - to describe the act of jumping into a discussion with demands for evidence and answers to questions.

But why is it an awful thing to do? Why do people react so negatively to a request for evidence? Surely a reasoned, rational person would acquiesce to such a statement!

Well, no. And here's why.'


5 Ways You Can Begin To Have Productive Conversations About Race

'Racial healing is restorative and affirms the inherent value of all people, when it is grounded in empathy and oriented toward equity.

This process provides opportunities to acknowledge and witness the wrongs created by individual and systemic racism, and to determine reparations for people, communities and institutions.

Racial healing is supported through:



A Guide to Derailing Conversations

'You know how it is. You’re enjoying yourself, kicking back and relaxing at the pub or maybe at the library; or maybe you’re in class or just casually surfing the internet, indulging in a little conversation. The topic of the conversation is about a pertinent contemporary issue, probably something to do with a group of people who fall outside your realm of experience and identity. They’re also probably fairly heavily discriminated against – or so they claim.

The thing is, you’re having a good time, sharing your knowledge about these people and their issues. This knowledge is incontrovertible – it’s been backed up in media representation, books, research and lots and lots of historical events, also your own unassailable sense of being right.'




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