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"Decolonization is for Everyone"

March 2019.

For me, personally, Decolonization is reclaiming my own culture.

I believe that decolonization for nonnative folks is to begin the journey of reclaiming their cultures.

This can be difficult since a lot of people are mixed with many cultures but your blood memory will speak to you.

Find the ancestors of your past that speak to your soul and start from there. Also don't find that one Native ancestor from six thousand ancestors and self-proclaim your Indigenous blood - that's not how it works.

Decolonization is not about appropriating Indigenous cultures if you are not Indigenous but rather learning about and honoring what you learn from Indigenous peoples.

The work that you put into dismantling the systems of oppression is honoring the Indigenous peoples you have learned from and about.

I understand Decolonization is land back & not a metaphor but the concept of words shifts and moves throughout time. Our people are adaptable.

Decolonizing will fall out of favor, labeled co-opted, and a new concept will emerge. Then that concept will follow the same cycles.

Decolonization will mean different things for different Indigenous groups and that is okay.

We must follow where our ancestors guide us.


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