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"How can we help?"

I always see ally comments asking "how can we help?"

Well, one way is to donate, share, amplify, research, learn, join, talk about it...


Help Tiny House Warriors fight criminalization. We are facing legal challenges because we are occupying our land. We are criminalized for doing so and are forced to defend our land in court.


My name is Andrea Landry and I am organizing this fundraiser for my sister-in-law, Wakeah Jhane, my brother-in-law, Mylan Tootoosis, and their two beautiful babies, Ʉkʉnaapitʉ and Nʉmʉnain.

Last night at roughly 11PM on October 18th, 2022, their house caught fire and burned down. They lost absolutely everything.

Luckily, they were not at home during the fire because they were in Saskatoon for their daughters’ dental appointments. We are so grateful for this.

Cops were on the scene around 11:30 PM. The fire was extinguished around 1:30-2:00 AM. Investigations are ongoing and we are just relieved no one was hurt. We will update folks as soon as we receive more information about what happened.

Wakeah and Mylan and their girls are such valued members of our family and community, please consider helping them as they rebuild their lives. Anything is appreciated. Please amplify in your networks <3


In the North customary adoptions have been practiced since time immorial. If all goes to plan we will fly to the north with our advocate Aliqa and funds will be used for flights, transportation and accommodations and the basic lawyer fees up to that point. There is also a chance that since the Birth Mama is having complications with her health that she will have to be flown down south. This will complicate the situation since the Ontario government does not recognize customary adoptions. There is a chance that the customary adoption will likely not be accepted in Ontario, in which case we will have to go the route of customary care (temporary) and apply for a regular adoption which includes many hours of lawyers fees. We will require legal support to avoid child welfare and to protect Birth Mamas wishes and the baby's wellbeing in our care.



Ona is a leader amongst her cultural youth group, has been featured in local media for her community work, and her friends know her as the caring responsible friend they can turn to. But she’s still a sweet young girl at heart who loves cuddles with her mama and knows she can lean on me. We both work as a team to engage with her educators, chosen family, and guardian angels along the way to support her childhood experiences and success. And for that we are forever grateful. That is why we trust this is possible! With your help!!


Donate towards our legal fund, camp costs, building projects, workshops and all the costs associated with reoccupying our yintah.

OTHER WAYS TO DONATE 1. Send an e-transfer to 2. Send a PayPal to 3. Mail a cheque. Write for name and mailing address


The Cayuga (Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ) Nation is in turmoil; a dictator is terrorizing families opposing his rule while commiting acts of cultural genocide. The fight is making its way to courthouses and we need your financial support.


Dawn Walker is an Indigenous woman, published author, playwright and community leader who has dedicated her life to telling the stories of First Nations people and has worked diligently to advance the rights and well-being of Indigenous women, families and communities.

Now, she needs our help.


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