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Intersectionality: How do you treat us?

Intersectionality means nothing if one group feels more oppressed than the other.

You can talk about freedom and 'down with the system' all you want but if cannot treat other marginalized groups with dignity - then you are in it for your own.

This means when disagreements arise between groups we allow grace, respect, kindness. We all mess up but if you feel the need to attack other racialized groups then you are using the same systems we are all fighting against.

And by attack I mean talking down, disrespecting, mocking, belittling, rudeness, undermining and more. Educating us should never involve these tactics. These are the oppressors tools that they have used against us all.

First Nations, Inuit, Metis, are not below anyone. Do not make us out to be your enemy when some misspeaks or misteps.

Stear away from the ones who only want to hate.

Aim towards building & maintaining the alliance of other marginalized groups that want you to be free too.




I also wanted to add these strong images. The silencing of First Nations, Inuit, & Metis will and should always be addressed.

Painter and Performance Artist Gregg Deal on Silenced Indigenous Voices JUNE 1, 2016

A member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, Colorado-based Gregg Deal is an accomplished muralist, painter and performance artist..


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