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Not your social justice warrior!

House Keeping Random Thoughts

I think some of you have mistaken me for a social justice leftist person. I am a Cree 2Spirit human being. This is an Indigenous space.

I think some people still feel as though we are inferior.

Heed this message. We are not inferior. We are not a monolithic group. Indigenous people are free to express themselves. Indigenous people are allowed to question and demand respect. Hopefully our teachings guide us in this process and we are doing so in a good way.

This message is not just for white folk. This message is also for Asian, Jewish, Black, & all people of color. Hopefully it is heard with the love & compassion it is being written.

As allies amongst one another there needs to be conversation. Yes, even those dreaded difficult conversations. We need to learn from one another.

Do not treat us like we are white racists going after you when we have questions. Of course discern between wanting to learn and wanting to argue.

Social justice warriors is a played out term. No one wants to be put inside a box and expected to be perfect. I can't say the right thing I can't express the right emotion I can't make everyone happy.

For us as Indigenous this is our way of life. Standing up for mother earth. A connection to all peoples. Trying to find the balance within our human condition. When others tell me I am not living up to their expectation of a "sjw" or "leftist" or whatever - it feels like it is diminishing Indigenous people.

For me, it feels anti-Indigenous when:

-others want to control what I say

-take my agency away by assuming what/who I am

-talk down to me without respect

-tell us we need to be more nuanced & academic

The list is not anywhere near complete or perfect. It is off the top of my head. When people do these things it feels very - government control. It also plays into the whole "dumb Indian" trope.

I always want to say what I want to say. Explore conversation.

Show Love through your words.

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