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Random Thoughts

canadians can no longer distinguish between actual freedom and manufactured freedom .

Instead they label this concept as 'special rights' or 'race-based' rights.  


Some of my very own denounce their place in treaty. Their minds, like the land, have been colonized by settler thinking. They want the respect of the 'white man' so badly that they would turn their backs on their history, their ancestors, and their own. They begin to believe that they are better than their ancestors. They believe they know better than their past teachings. They begin to believe that if they only act settler then they would be treated as settler. They believe assimilation is freedom. They forget that all the things done for us in the past were done for a reason. We are not trying to be more special than anyone. We do not have "special rights", we have adapted the rights we have always had throughout time. We have always been here and we will remain. The treaties have given both First Nations and settlers so much. We need to respect treaties as beneficial for everyone instead of useless and shameful. Maybe then we will not overlook what the treaties are truly about, which is the land, water, air, animals, & plants.