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Resources for White Allies

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White Allies, Let’s Be Honest About Decolonization I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope.

Spring 2018 The Decolonize Issue

  • In Depth

    • The Disruption of White Supremacy

    • I’m Dreaming About a Modern World That Doesn’t Erase Its Indigenous Intelligence

    • What Standing Rock Gave the World

    • “Decolonization Starts Inside of You”

    • Don’t Just Resist. Return to Who You Are

    • How This Tribe Got Their Coastal California Lands Returned

    • 5 Places to View Pre-Colonial America

    • This App Can Tell You the Indigenous History of the Land You Live On

    • An Indigenous Poet on SPAM and Colonialism

    • The Indigenous Collective Using Tattoos to Rise Above Colonialism

    • Native and European—How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?

    • Decolonizing Birth: Women Take Back Their Power as Life-Givers

    • “I Am Hawaiian First”

    • White Allies, Let’s Be Honest About Decolonization

    • Solutions We Love

    • Culture Shift



How to address DEI concerns of white men who feel they’re being disadvantaged

Natalie Runyon Director / ESG content & Advisory Services / Thomson Reuters Institute 30 Sep 2022

The need for white men to increase their support for diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) efforts within their organizations has been discussed for quite some time. There are a myriad of reasons why there is a lack of engagement, however. These include some white men who want to engage but don’t want to intrude, some who do not know how to engage as an ally, some who offer support only when asked to do so, and some who think these initiatives are unfair.



White gay privilege exists all year, but it is particularly hurtful during Pride Although we share the same oppressors, white queer folks must come to terms with the fact that they play a role in the harm experienced by their Black and Brown siblings.

June 30, 2019, 2:45 AM CST

By George Johnson



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