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Some Things You Missed This Week


Here are some of the posts you've might have missed recently.

Where to start?


Artificial Intelligence

After watching the Naomi Klein trailer, I felt inspired....

'Only a matter of time til we have to tend with a.i. pretendians'

They'll be writing books to sell on Amazon about our teachings.

They'll be writing textbooks to teach us about our culture.

Giving away bannock recipe secrets.

Do you trust A.I. Generators?

A film by assimilation Is this an eagle? Emulation. 'That's me in the corner/that's me in the spotlight/losing my traditions'


Then someone sent a dm to the Instagram about past issues.

People cry around about being blocked (or they forget they blocked me lol) when there are many ways to contact me. One is through this website (which isn't the best but at least it's open to everyone), Facebook message, Twitter or X, ticktock.

i have to laugh to get by...


Which led me to another great topic...

The False Narrative

Recognizing and Creating False Narratives in Fiction and the Real World

A false narrative is one in which a complete narrative pattern is perceived in a given situation, but it is not an actual narrative at work in the situation. The perception of a false narrative can be due to insufficient or inaccurate information or to insufficient or inaccurate assessment. The creation of a false narrative can be due to naturally occurring narrative patterns, transient contextual framing, inadvertent presentation or intentional deception.

There are always two sides to every story. When one refuses to communicate with the other then they lose an important perspective. It's about facing the good, the bad, the ugly in ourselves. And yes, that includes myself.



and looking back on the week...




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