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Thanks for Giving?


9 Ways to Decolonize and Honor Native Peoples on Thanksgiving

'Stories told about the first Thanksgiving often perpetuate harmful stereotypes and erase the true history of the early encounters between Native communities and colonizers.

Today we take the opportunity to set the record straight, debunk myths, and acknowledge Native Americans as contemporary Peoples with dynamic and thriving cultures. November is National Native American Heritage Month, offering many opportunities to move past one-dimensional representations of “pilgrims and Indians.” In the spirit of unity, we can instead focus Thanksgiving on common values:  generosity, gratitude, and community. 

We’ve gathered some resources to help you decolonize your Thanksgiving:' 



The True Story Of Thanksgiving Isn't The One You Learned In School—Here's How To Celebrate Smarter

You can uplift Native Americans during this holiday and beyond.

'Why is Thanksgiving still controversial?

The atrocities against Native Americans did not end with the diseases or massacres mentioned above, so seeing people celebrating the "positive" myth around Thanksgiving can be frustrating and painful for some, especially Indigenous people. Combine that with the fact that some non-Natives choose to dress up in things like headdresses in "honor" of Thanksgiving, which many see as a mockery of sacred dress.'





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