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The Social Media Game

Essentially a photo dump for those impacted by cancel culture. I am certain the people who cancel others will instantly deflect every single word here. They generally do not sit back and reflect on their own behaviors. And of course this is not to say we should let everyone run amok - challenge yourself to find positive ways to call each other in.

No more '@/targetname' as a way to talk shit behind an account's back. No more big account names following these cancel culture accounts. No more loaded words to sway your audience. No more playing with people's mental health. No more victimhood narratives to get others on your side. And please, no more using "accountability" as a tool of manipulation & abuse.

Hurt people hurt people? How about we give people who mess up some resources, refer them to Elders, use your mistakes as an example, & smudge before you speak.


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