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You Have To Challenge Your Thinking

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I know the phrase "cancel culture" has been co-opted. I know the orgins are rooted in Black culture. Yet the phrase is here and it is being used or misued whether we like it or not.

I can see how white people could use "cancel culture" to deflect from their own racism or ignorant actions. I also believe cancel culture is focused on the individual and NOT on the systems of power.

So what happens when it's not a white person who is being "canceled" or when a person of color claiming "cancel culture" is also a problem?

Do you still ignore it? Do you still roll your eyes?

If we are fighting injustice then we have to look inward. What injustices do we perpetuate? How have we avoided our own accountability?

If an idea or language upsets you then its probably best to look into why. Here are some resources to challenege your thinking. Even if you disagree with "cancel culture" or chop it up to 'darvo' tactics - you need to know what you are dealing with.

People can discern for themselves if a person's actions are delibrately harmful or a mistep.

Social media has never been a safe space for me. Indigenous. TwoSpirit.

Knowledge is my protection.


Africa Brooks


Adrienne Maree Brown


Watch the full series here: What is Accountability? - YouTube


Genelle Aldred

Book Recommendation: Communicate for Change: Creating Justice in a World of Bias



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