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A Check In

Yes, that is my hand. I had wanted to get this for my cat but he would probably be terrified. He is such a big baby. He is also a scaredy cat. My therapy cat.

I just wanted to check in and drop a little note. I dont know who all reads these or who doesnt. lol. I do truly appreciate everyone that visits this site. I am grateful.

This year has been rough for everyone. All the never ending negative news cycles. The world appears to be getting worse and worse. It can become overwhelming when you shift through all the news articles and videos.

I've seen a lot of disturbing images this year. Some sites do not put warning posts ahead of their graphic content. So i've seen dead babies, starving babies, blood, fighting, violence, & heartbreak.

The inflation. The gas prices. The food prices. The world food shortages. So much happening all at once. Has it always been this way? Have we all just been too comfortable in our ivory towers?

On a personal level, it hasnt been any easier. My prostate began having issues in january and hasn't really let up. Yup I am now that old! It has been a huge drain on my energy. Throw it on the pile of the many health issues I face.

Depression and anxiety. Throughout my life they have been my two best friends. The prostate issues began just when the depressive episode was lifting. I was finally regaining my energy levels and was able to actually function. Of course theres always something to throw us off course.

My anxiety. My anxiety has left me a recluse. The traumas of life have led me to self-isolate. I live online now. I work around it. I know it won't always be this bad.

My one sister has moved back home. She had moved here a few years ago. Finally leaving her over twenty year abusive relationship. It was great to have her here because she was in the caretaker role with our mother. Things are always in constant change.

Now that's a lot of negatives. I guess I had to write it out for myself to understand it. Now that it is summer, I believe things will begin to change for the better. I am old enough to know now that it's not the end of the world when things fall apart. We deal. We adapt. We continue.

Anyway, I should have bought that big teddy dog. A present for my cat for being 95 percent hungry and assholey. Five percent cute and cuddley.

Pretty sure after reading all of this that that doggo was meant for me.




May 24th, 2022


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