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A Shift

I wrote this after a Facebook post about weed. A friend posted it and I thought it was an interesting perspective. The anger was swift. I now realize the post was not articulate and was harmful. However, I had wrongfully assumed that the page's audience would know that I wasn't out to offend or intentionally out to hurt others. The page is about sharing perspectives. I was wrong.

There were a lot of personalized attacks directed toward myself. I had dealt with visceral online hate before but this time it was different. Months before that I started losing faith in social activism and so many other good things. So I used it all for inspiration to write about how I was feeling. Of course there were people accusing me of using my shift as a deflection of the "weed" post.

That is when I said "fuck this." What was once something I had done for personal growth was starting to feel like a full time job. I stepped out of a couple Facebook pages I was admin on. I was then able to focus all my attention on my own page: Decolonize Myself. The community helped me make this blog website, logo, twitter, & Instagram. I am grateful for the audience I have and the challenges we face together.

And that is story time with decolonize myself. lol. :) The inspiration is below:


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