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Bad Spirits

*trigger warning: suicide*

My aunt said suicide was like a bad spirit. She said this during a funeral service of my cousin who committed suicide. It was days, if not weeks, after the funeral that I could feel that heaviness. It was constantly there in my mind. The word was always lingering on everyone’s lips.

There were crows that moved above my front door way of my home. They would be there when I left for work and there when I came home. It went on like this for a long time. I finally had enough and told them to go away. I’m not saying they were bad spirits or anything like that. Truth is I still do not know what they meant.

Years later I would relay this story to my cousin. He looked at me with this odd look and said that our uncle (the father of our deceased cousin) had the same exact experience. One day our uncle got so angry and began to yell at them. They left after that.