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Boundaries & Solutions

Personal Boundaries on Commenting/Interacting:

Dont begin comment off with name calling or swear words directed at me.

No passive aggressive comments (snide remarks, jabs at myself, rudeness, insults).

Demanding I censor a post by removing it.

Assuming what I meant without asking for clarification.

Please read caption on posts.

DM's are always open.

Please refrain from spamming comments. with disparaging remarks about myself or others in comment section.

Please do not put words in my mouth. ASK for clarification

This isn't Twitter where you can cut up or clap back at someone indirectly.

If you feel you are not being heard please DM me. It's like virtually pulling me aside and stating that you feel unheard or misunderstood.

Please do not expect perfection from me. Also be mindful of what it takes to manage an account this size.

I recieve a lot of trolls, sealioning, racists, threats, name calling in dm's. You name it I get it.

I have turned on instagram filter where only people who follow account can comment. Otherwise I am over run with racist trolls and spam bots.

If you comment then unfollow you will not be able to comment again. This is why it is so important to ask or communicate. So as to not make it out to be something it is not.

I have every right to delete comments & block others. Especially if you do any of the above or become combative.

As Indigenous 2Spirit with physical & mental health I have the agency to protect myself.

I try to explain myself and in heated moments it becomes overwhelming. I will fail and try again.

Began with Idle No More and began decolonize myself facebook since 2013. All my life I have held space for others, dealt with family issues, & all that comes with life.

I am a strong Cree survivor. And that is why I have a low threshold for immature lateral violence.



When people paint this bad guy narrative of you on Native Twitter then that is what you will remain. It starts off from one person. Here is where choice comes in - no matter the lie (even if they believe it to be true) they spread it- you can either stand up against it (like how we would in real life if people were talking shit about you) or ignore it (voiceless).

And let me be very clear, if you choose to actually empower yourself by saying "that's not entirely true" you will be villified. There is no proof, no direct communication, no rationalle, no context, and no end. It is one sided.

They are the arbiter of their virtual community (the metaverse gonna be real fun ya'll). They don't need evidence (screenshots are not evidence when taken out of context). Anything written about you on Native Twitter is the Creator's honest truth. Then their mutuals (who havent even interacted with you) will add onto that narrative and it will snowball. The story will reshape and negative labels will be added. The story becomes so far removed from itself that there is no way you can unravel it.

They want to rip the humanity away from you so they can continue this cycle. They live for this shit. They feed off souls. They break every Creator law and honestly believe they can. People will not look into your side. None of them will actually have discourse with you. No one. No one is coming to your defense. If anyone dares come to your defense they will only argue and throw memes around to laugh at you.

They will justify all of these childish behaviors because you did it to yourself. Meanwhile most of them are in their twenties (with older unhealed self-proclaimed aunties backing them). You can explain all you want but they will not listen. They feel entiltled to tear down their own people who fall out of line with their made-up rules & ethics. Leaving culture completely out of it entirely but also stating that what they do is cultural.

They will never openly question the person saying things about you (because you must believe them). They don't try to get the full story or context. They all become the oppressors of their own people. Always quick to argue, hate, malice, to hurt, to harm, to embarrass, humiliate, shame, damage, demean. All the while dropping loaded words/language to elicit emotional responses/triggers & write about personal struggles to make a wall of protection out of victimhood. Projection is lost on them.

For people so hell bent on community protection, I am surprised they don't know what these concepts mean (loaded words) or the names of the tactics. They believe that what they do is invisible.

Don't even get me started on "burner accounts" or "sock puppet accounts." There is no way anyone can prove or disprove those allegations which works perfectly into their narrative. Meanwhile it very well could be them creating these burner accounts to get others on their side. I'm sure people do make them to fight dirty. But if you didnt make any they wont believe you when you say you haven't.

And guess what is missing. They never come up with a way to resolve any issues with their enemies. There is no talking circle taking place for you with Indigenous professionals. No offereing of resources to heal or to learn. There is no Elders coming in to help in the situation. There is no talk of smudging. There is no online community trying to come up with actual plans of action to repair the circle.

Maybe they need a plan in place on what to do when our own step out of line. Or when they don't feel they have stepped out of line.

The strangest thing in this experience is that they do it amongst each other as well. Once was a friend - now turned enemy. Overtime you will see this happen time and time again.

You can tell that this is clearly not reality.

None of them self-reflect on their behaviors. They never think of the harm they create. They never look into their toxic characteristics. Yeah, I get that you've been hurt by life but that give you no fuckin reason to treat others this way. Abuse is abuse is abuse.

There is no justice in their game. They want others to just sit back and take it. I don't like that - "but youre demanding time & space from the marginalized" of the marginalized. I am trying to find my spirit again - since so many of you tore away at it - why don't I have that right to seek atonement/repair?

"Put In Danger" basically means our accounts are public and we are going to call out anyone without consequence but freak out when we're called on our self-righteous behavior. Judge, trial, jury. And sorry but I call some major bullshit. Construct a better way of actually getting restorative justice for everyone. Otherwise youre just hiding behind your marginalized identities to do whatever the hell you want to others.

This is not about so called "accountability" either. They just want to attack. That's it. It is worse then lateral violence, worse then mentally/emotionally conniving, and worse then acting colonized.

I write in order to process my emotions and thoughts. I have been writing since I was a child. I know right from wrong. And the concept of what they are trying to do is right and just but unchecked it runs amok. I wish my emotional distress matched their own or counts for anything. I get "unhinged" when people either lie on me or create a false narrative of me.

Some will view it as my pride & ego driving me in this situation. I wish it were that simplistic. I have always fought against unjust situations in my life. If we're all talking about social justice and change - this whole Native Twitter way is not it. It is harming our people. So if that makes me a bad person for stating that then so be it. I can't control who people choose to be but I can sure as hell make it known that things need to change.

It is people who have already lost the fight in life. So I can see why this gives them that spark again.

(Note: and no not all of this is based on the works of white supremists or white cancel culture. There are Black Women who talk about this exact situation who have taught me so much: Adrienne Maree Brown, Africia Brooks, Ayishat Akanbi, & Genelle Aldred).

We need more of this on native twitter:


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