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Just a lil health update:

After the weekend from hell, I am back on the mend. My ibs abdominal cramping was intense. I've been dealing with this issue for ten odd years or so.

As the years go by, the condition seems to worsen. It probably doesn't help that my gallbladder was removed in '99. I don't know. I have learned to manage my life around everything.

Sometimes health issues pop up and you just have to ride it out. It also helps to have pain management & a energy conserving plan.

The condition seems to go hand in hand with depression & anxiety. I have been dealing with mental health since childhood.

It has only been in my recent adult life that I have begun to deal with my mental health. Looking back over my life, childhood especially, I can see it all.

I also have problems with thyroidism. Sometimes I think it's fine and bam - it goes out of whack. I had bumps on it from time to time resulting in losing my voice. I am grateful that the bumps haven't been around for a while.

Meanwhile, I am pre-diabetic. When I heard that I was like "come on already." LOL. And now Costochondritis?! Or is it all in my head? Sigh.

I've had to shift my life around my health issues. I've had to give up on some things in life. But I always keep going!

I don't wallow in self-pity. I see what family members have to deal with regarding their health and their strength is encouraging.

So I just wanted to drop in to say you are not alone. Someday are better than others. I hope you find the balance that suits your life.

(and now old age! lol. also i just wanted to add that this is the main reason why I do a lot of online stuff).

thanks for reading if you made it this far.


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