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My Old High School Mascot

March 5, 2014


Tonight I have some mixed emotions.

My old high school voted to change the 'redmen' logo/name.

A part of me feels sad for the connection to my youth that has now ended. Another part of me feels that it is about time for change. I just don't know how to feel.

I see so many different opinions on this issue. Then I began to read the comment section of the related articles, which I rarely do. So many canadians basically attacking First Nations over something they deem "stupid."

I notice whenever First Nations challenge the status quo there is this unintelligent uproar of people who want to hold onto the past. Even if the minority is saying that their past is racist and ignorant, canadians still feel the need to say 'no it is not' and to 'get over it'. To me this reaction is paternalistic.

Every time First Nations stand up for themselves, whether we all agree or not, that is seen as a threat. A threat to canadian's pride and ego, they seem to think - "How dare any Indian try to tell me what to think or what to do!" Yet never once think about First Nations history, treaties, laws, rights, politics.

But are they out there standing up for our rights? Are they out there seeking our knowledge? We need to start telling canadians to get over it now.

This issue is far deeper then just a mascot. Mascots are the surface issue. The heart of the issue is racism. There's that R word again, but...

What do we as people condone and perpetuate? What legacy do we want to leave our children?.

The other side of this issue that i see is how some First Nations agree with keeping these names. To me I jump to 'THEY ARE COLONIZED!'

Sometimes just because you look First Nations does not mean that you are cultural or understand your history or your people. Or that you are trying to please the 'white' man on 'Indian' issues to fit in or to un-rock the boat.

However deep down I think that calling First Nations COLONIZED just because they don't agree with me is wrong.

At the end of the day First Nations have many different opinions and not all will be the same, nor should they be. But there comes a time when you have to stand up for your people, so choose wisely.

Now tell canadians to come round dance with us.


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