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Scribble This Down

Here are some Decolonize Myself - A First Nations Perspective facebook page writings I wanted to keep.

I look back and wonder what was I thinking at that time. Especially that last write up about voting!


October 30, 2013

Where is our dream?

Is it just another dream to dismantle AFN & other first nation organizations claiming to represent us? Is it just another dream to want the people to occupy & take over INAC offices across north america? Is it just another dream for our people to decolonize? Is it just another dream to take the power back from our chief & councils? Is it just another dream to wish that people would stop blaming these movements for the very things they should be doing for themselves? Is it just another dream to stop big corporations destroying everything?


March 8, 2014

Why do white people get to say what is or is not racist? Why do white people get to say what my First Nations image should be? Why do white people get to say what is honoring my culture? Why do white people get to cry reverse racism & censorship based on opressing others? Why do white people get to talk down to me based on my opinions about First Nations issues? Why do white people decide what is best for me? Why do white people get to stand behind colonized First Nations as an argument? Why do white people get to be ignornant to First Nations women? Why do white people feel the need to control what i think, say, and do? Why do white people get to say that this is not about race? Why do white people believe their opinion is more valid then mine? Why do white people feel like the victim when First Nations stand up for themselves? Why do white people want us to look at our negative behavior yet never tell white people to look at their own?


October 25, 2016

I'm loving how people (who are not Indigenous) try to take the "racism" conversation out of everything. It must be nice to live in a world without "racism". My perspective is about saying that "racism" is here & if a group says it's how it looks/feels then maybe you need to learn why. Instead of trying to negate their entire experience with something that you will never experience. To break it down: First Nations (of course not all) know that if that car was full of white kids (stealing thieving white kids) - no one would have been murdered the way they were in this situation. And if you want to deny that entire way of thinking then you are part of the problem and not the solution. To break down the solution: allow People of Color their perspectives with empathy & compassion. If you can't even do that then maybe your a down-low racist. *gasp* how dare i - i know, i know. But if all you can do is disagree with First Nations issues or highlight the evils of First Nation's then maybe it's time to really look at yourself and start talking about racism with people of color. The same way of thinking that leads to believing that property is more important then a human life, a First Nations child's life to be exact, is what feeds into racism. And please don't ask your First Nations buddy, that thinks like you & talks like you, to back you up on this. Talk to First Nations who have different opinions then your own and different view points. It's time to grow from this and not sweep it under the rug anymore.


February 3, 2016

What message are the oil & gas industry along with government sending to canadian youth in regards to First Nations people? The First Nations say no to projects and the industry/government continue to push for a yes. The oil & gas industry is the new drug/alcohol on the street. The government are the pushers. But when did 'no means no' become 'no means maybe'? They teach younger canadians that we can say we respect First Nation rights but at the same time our actions will contradict everything. Which trickles down to "we don't respect treaty, sovereignty, culture, etc." They teach their children to manipulate a situation, especially when First Nations are involved, to get what they want. Just tell them you respect them but never ever actually prove it. Or we'll respect you as along as you do what we want. Sad state affairs.


July 15, 2015

The debate of whether First Nations should vote in federal elections rages on. There are so many people out there just waiting to tell you what to do and what to think. Heck, even in this write up I'll be doing that, lol. I noticed that people want to control what colonization means, what voting means, what sovereignty means. It's exhausting. When I see my people outraged at the thought of First Nations voting, it makes me a little bit confused. All governments are nihilists, I agree, and all of them are not for the people (especially not First Nation inherent rights & freedoms). Some First Nations say not to vote because it makes us work with them in terminating our rights. This is where it becomes confusing to me. These same people vote in chief & council elections. The same chief & councils who have to answer to & work for the same government they claim to hate. We have treaty cards, health cards, social security cards, fill out income tax papers, and actively participate in the western world. We buy products that are owned by companies actively trying to kill us and manipulate us. Everyday I think of how privileged we all are for how we live because on the other side of the ocean there are people who pay for it with their lives. We are already active participants in our own demise. We are still wilfully plugged into the system we claim to fight. We get mixed up in believing that freedom comes from outside sources, but it doesn't. Treaty is not freedom. Activism is not freedom. Unless your willing to walk away from everything that makes your life comfortable and become self-sustaining off the land, then yeah, say your free. I look to people like the Unist'ot'en camp & the family in Freedom Babies for a picture of absolute autonomy. Hell, even Hutterites are more free than I am. I'm not there yet. I'm not going to pretend that by not voting that that somehow makes me a better First Nations or a better "activist" or a better whatever. I'm going to do what I'm going to do. Do what you want to do too but don't pretend your doing something because your "free" or "sovereign".


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