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Sharing A Part of My Journey

decolonizemyself Woke up to this message: Dad 10:34 a.m., Mar. 16 Mom Neurology Specialist called this morning, he said the P.E.T. Scan showed the very early signs of Alzheimers. He recommended the Alzheimers Society could provide help for Mom, we agreed so they will be calling us. I have been looking for posts about Indigenous joy. Some complain about how Indigenous exploit their traumas for their white audiences. Well fuck them. I say do what you feel is in your heart. Your tribes traditions & cultural roles will always guide you. This is your journey. With that said, last week was a troubling one to say the least. The last twelve years, my mom has had to deal with health issues. She is seventy now. We knew she had dementia. It seems to run in the family. My two aunts, one like my second mother, are in homes now because of memory loss. Their father, my Moshum, lost his battle with Alzheimers in 1991. I was 15 then. I remember him as a caring gentle man. All I knew was his Alzheimers state. He always remembered my one sister and me. Right up til the end. So I was having trouble finding Indigenous joy in my life or around me. But I say fuck that too. Their is joy in this very moment. My mom is still here and her life will continue. My cat is in the image. He brings me joy even though he can be a lil furry asshole. There is still joy kicking around in me yet. Not a day goes by without laughing at something. Our people have the best humor. If you made it this far in my ramble - then thank you. You make me feel grateful. Hopeful. And present. (OH ya, thats my hand too lol).

Here is the original pic and 'what he was really up to' pic...


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