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They did what!

No one has to be held accountable to your assumptions about a post.

No one has to be held accountable for your emotional responses to how you perceive that post.

Responsibility/accountability is to ones nation, to one's cultural teachings, and to Creator. My community is my nation.

For all I know, our ancestors were at war with one another. Maybe our nations steer cleared of one another to avoid conflict.

Everyone's perception is different. What we are not going to do is allow the use of shame as a coercion tactic to do as someone demands.

When I hear someone say "we have to hold them accountable" They mean hold others accountable to them.

They bypass other nations teachings, they bypass Elder roles, they bypass 2spirit roles, and they bypass someone's autonomy.

They will always have their justification.

Yes people do harmful shit. Yes we can voice our opinions on that harmful shit.

Will it stop them or others from causing harm? No.

And I know this because people say "we've tried being cultural, we've tried having dialogue, we've tried being respectful."

So the only option now is becoming them? The cycle continues.

And of course there is always always nuance to every situation. In some tribes there were specific ways on how to deal with breaking of our teachings. It all depended on the infraction.

Im pretty certain that our ancestors werent petty. Their survival depended on so many roles & responsibilities. And before someone states "our survival does too!" - not with our tim hortons & wifi or a slurpy at sev, we don't.

Dont use being deliberatley obtuse as a tactic.

Today it feels like there is no room for nuance. It is constant warfare with one another. Who can be more cultural? Who can be more sanctimonious? Who has the correct way of thinking?

It all feels like a game. We emulate what we see non-Indigenous people do online.

We disempower to empower. We proclaim knowledge we have not earned. We say love is stronger than hate yet we choose hate.

There will be others quick to jump in and denounce what is written here.

They will be in your ear to justify this or that calling out. They have their reasons but none of it benefits you.

Be mindful of people who constantly attack and use anger as their only tool.

I don't have all the answers. And I'm not saying I am perfect. But I will say this... what we choose to put out there will always come back on us.


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