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What is Gang-Stalking?


I was researching stalking when I came across a term I hadn't heard before. I thought "what the hell is this now" because there is always new terminology & defintions.


Gang stalking or group-stalking is a set of persecutory beliefs in which those affected believe they are being followed, stalked, and harassed by a large number of people.[1] The term is associated with the targeted individual (T.I.) virtual community formed by like-minded individuals who claim their lives are disrupted from being stalked by organized groups intent on causing them harm.

People tend to dismiss gang-stalking as someone who is either delusional or a consipiracy theorist.

The following are some interesting perspectives.



Flying Monkeys

'Anyone who remembers watching the Wizard of Oz as a child will probably remember how horrifying the Wicked Witch of the West's flying monkeys were. These monkeys were sent by the witch to do her dirty work, and the phrase has since become synonymous with people who end up doing the dirty work of a narcissist.' (google).


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