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How It Plays Out Online

Accountability abuse and how it plays out in the online Native circles.

Natives want to hold other Natives "accountable" when another has done something wrong, a breaking of a cultural law, mistreating one another etc. It is community taking care of one another.

And yes we all should be traditionally called in to resolve situations. Each tribe has their own culturally specific ways in dealing with such matters. One example is restorative justice or healng circles.

It sounds good, right. If that were actually the case.

People really do believe they are holding someone accountable online because: Yes, the other person did something wrong. And yes, we need to protect community. But it's in the way they hold others accountable that becomes lost in translation.

Some believe holding someone accountable means they can: use name calling, mob attacking (calling others to join in), make fun of, creating false narratives, harassment for months or years, dox, negatively label, gossip, threats, and on and on.

This behavior is unhealed trauma. Or they are still reconnecting. Or they feel powerless voiceless under represented.

They have all the justification in the world for this behavior. Yet abuse will not resolve abuse. When you look at their arguments though - resolution is not the goal.

People who haven't been on the receiving end of these tactics will not understand. They will scoff at how it is deflecting actual accountability. It is is easier to run with the herd then be trampled by it. I get it. But people have to start questioning these behaviors.

They will say their distractors have egos & pride, use their social media numbers to hide behind, & cry darvo. All in an attempt to make their colonized reactionary behavior seem moral & just.

What they don't see is when the "accountability" police are activated with the mob of random strangers shit talking you. twisting your words. making assumptions that you now have to answer to. Creating false narratives.

That is not holding someone accountable. Not in the cultural traditional sense.

Anger is a valid emotion. Rage is a valid emotion. It doesn't mean it's a valid action to use against one another. Every situation is different. Every nuance is different. Save all of these attacks for predators, racists, etc.

Lateral violence is when someone deliberately sets out to attack someone. Accountability Abuse is the new cultural gatekeeping.


Yes I've posted about this topic many times before. Yet sometimes I see other Natives still dismissing "accountability abuse"

Here is a small quick definition (via lakotakikyo)


Anyway laugher is the best medicine so I made these:


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