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Nochapan Nochapan...

From facebook page: Our Grandmother's Wisdom

The Native Way

Never forget the hands

that raised you.

(Reminds me of my mother's hands.

My grandma & aunt helped to raise me.

I had grown up with four loving grandparents. On my father's side, my great grandmother (grandpa's mother) was around until I was in my early twenties.

Also on my fathers side, as a baby I met my grandma's mother.

"My Mom's Mom used to bounce and sing

to my Son...Nochapan.. Nochapan..

Nochapan... "

All I know about my great grandmother was she was a medicine woman. Very cultural.

My grandma never spoke of her. We found a picture of her once but my grandma said it was too painful to look at.

It saddens me to know that residential school severed my grandma's ties to our culture.

My mother's side held onto the culture and the ceremonies.

All of which, in some ways, make up who I am today).


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