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Stop Me If You Heard This One Before


when the person who started this retweets this below!?!? I have made mistakes & amends in my life time - I can admit that - and I can absolutely see my mistakes in this situation

but she/they would never see themselves as anything but perfect. It wasn't about tagging it was about making a huge deal over jealousy. She/They need to take this to heart and change their interactions with others. It doesn't hurt to grow up.

Tristan retweeting this is lost on her/them.



The tweet I posted below that started all this useless drama:

Tagged afterward due to comments/dm's angry over not tagging them. (Also that caption is referring to white folk who try to use 'colonial construct' on Indigenous views NOT towards auntie ag). My comment was also cut off "and pretended it was my own tweet" or my own words. If I said these were my own words that would be stealing. Clearly anyone can see that their name is still on the image.

I woke up one morning checking the comments on older posts. I was completely confused as to what everyone was commenting about - stating I had purposely deleted her comment asking to be tagged on purpose??? Like I have always stated - maybe I did accidentially delete a comment - because mistakes happen (that is why I thought auntie ag could have dm'd me directly to ask & clear things up like an ADULT but they didnt).

So of course I tagged them. Even though days before I had hearted their friend who commented "@agnauraq" which i always assume someone who just puts someone's account name is doing it so that person can view post.

Tristan Morgan just wanted to make drama, hurl assumptions as facts, in order to freak out and get attention. To me that is clout chasing. But on twitter everything is backwards land.

And errors happen since it is a big platform. Communication would have cleared up all of these petty little drama tweets she was making behind my back...

I wanted to know what the hell was going on. Why is everyone freaking out!? So I went to their twitter and found her indirect tweets accusing me of doing this all on purpose.


Notice the @/ before the name. They arent doing that so I can see it - they are doing it in order to talk shit about their own. These are grown ass people in their 20's not some 13 year old with too much time on their hands.


I had posted this to stories before reading Tristan Morgan's tweets:

and then this one after I saw her initial tweet. The posts were a minute apart basically. I thought what she had tweeted was some bullshit behavior and I was upset. So because of this, amongst all the confusion & her supporters coming at me, she said I was backtracking.


Who's the actual clout chaser?

She calls me a clout chaser when clearer she brings up the attention the post recieved and could have gotten followers from it.

Then misinterprets what I am trying to say in regards to dm'ing and runs with it....

which, if she commented asking to be tagged so nicely - as she claims, why are you angry about not asking you to repost? when clearly others repost and retweet your stuff. You have no problem with that but just because I am "this man" then I am suddenly an abuser of native femmes. Bullshit.


Using the fact that my pronouns at the time were he/him - this is a common theme that reappears throughout auntie ag's tweets (Man, men, this man, stalkers, abusers, groomers). Meanwhile all her "friends" or following is attacking me - not knowing I am 2Spirit as well.

This is where the "native femmes" comes into play with everyone.

and making a post on their tik tok. I do take offense to the word "lazy" though because it reminds me of "lazy ndn" racism.


Because it was a mistake or error maybe? She could have communicated with me instead of starting public drama & dragging my account name through the mud. Then proceeding to get her followers to come and do her dirty work. Coward.


She clearly has deep issues with men, as do we all, i get it. It is understandable. But she/they have a pattern:

which is sad. i also had a stalker but i do not bring it up in unrelated conversations. There was no evidence that any of their stalkers found them. There are also tik tok posts of her laughing to her ex's house burning down and how she didnt start them.

so all of this is only the beginning of a big ole mess. forever documented on twitter. these posts were sent to me - before she tries to carry on her loaded phrases/wording narrative.

so what was miscommunication turned into this drama that she clearly didnt think i'd find or call her out on. Calling me a clout chaser when the fact is she is the biggest clout chaser of them all- so worried about her platforms and numbers.

She/They always tries to play these cards: I want to be the victim.

I am no one's victim. This is exactly why I fight so hard to stand up for myself when someone is being coniving & fake. She reminds me of those popular girls in high school who thought they were better then everyone else.

She/They also brings up how I am telling a white auidence who the "bad natives are" when clearly she is the one doing it too. She/they is half white. She/They never mention that of course.

She/They also dont do shit for Indigenous people. Just a shit disturber that got caught.

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